a. VR 9D - First in Malaysia
b. Affordable price for whole family

Kids need entertaining, otherwise, they become bored, moody little brats and generally make your life hell. There’s no shortage of activities for children in IRDKL MALL, but what about those rare days when the sky turns black, the heavens open, and the rain comes bucketing down. You can rest in your home all day, but that’s no fun, so head off to IRDKL MALL and indulge in some family entertainment, or just let the kids do kids stuff.
Kids love arcade games, and Mario Land has all kinds of games, including racing, basketball shooting, dancing and power punching.

CHILDREN ARCADE – (Digital Funtime)

IRDKL takes gaming to a whole new level! It has one of the most advanced 9D Virtual Reality Arcade Games (at Level 10) that is guaranteed to make teenagers and young adults come back for more. For the little ones too, there is an exclusive Children Arcade Centre at Level 13.


Our 9D Virtual Reality experience is guaranteed to leave you breathless. 9D VR Arcade gaming ride takes the gaming experience a step further with its interactive attraction. A world of endless possibilities.