KARAOKE KELUARGA – Melody (Total Soul Relaxation)

We Have Eng,Mal,Chinese,Tamil,Hindi and a few other languages.
a. Family oriented
b. Suitable place for a family gathering
c. 29 Rooms of various sizes

Jam with family & friends and sway to the beats of our high-tech Karaoke system. The Karaoke Keluarga rooms on IRDKL MALL Levels 12 and Level 15 are sure to be a picture of fun and excitement as pure joy & music fills the air!

Equipped with a tune-mendous variety of songs, you will be spoilt for choices picking from the latest hits to the old classics. The privacy of these rooms also enables you to croon to your favourite tunes.

IRDKL MALL team is always at hand to support our amateur guests, and the sound engineer is here to adjust your voice to sound in tune.

Still doubting? It's time to make your voice heard!