Terms And Conditions

  TSR Club Membership


  1)   Get FREE membership without paying a single cent and start enjoy the benefits as you spend!
  3)  Sign-up NOW and get your FREE PREMIER Membership Card to earn your TSR POINTS.
  4)  1 TSR Points = RM 1
  5)  More CHOICES more FUN.
a. You can use your TSR Points to purchase items from our participating stores as indicated in clause No. 5 beyond just CINEMA TICKETS and CONCESSION Counter.
b. Stay tune and we are in the pursuit to enhance our members’ benefit and increase our participating stores for you to enjoy redeeming wider range of items using your accumulated TSR Points.
c. Use TSR Points to purchase any items from the below participating stores and the remaining some can be pay by cash:-
d. Delicious (Level 13)
a Mamak ORI (Halal food)
b THALIA (Muslim halal western food)
e. Grab N GO (Cinema Concession) (Level 10)
f. 9D Virtual Excitement (Level 13)
g. Digital Funtime (Children Arcade Level 10, 13)
h. Digital Darts (Level 10,13)
i. Challenger (British Pool)(Level 11 & 14)
j. Family Karaoke (Karaoke Keluarga)(Level 12 & 15) (Opening soon)
  6)   TSR Club Ranking.
a. PREMIER – RM 100 spent = 2 TSR Points = RM 2.00. To qualify for PREMIER membership card spend within RM2,000 and below within the 1 year.
b. GRAND – RM 100 spent = 3 TSR Points = RM 3.00. To qualify for GRAND Membership Card spend from RM 2,000 to RM 4,000 below within the 1 year.
c. ROYAL – RM 100 spent = 5 TSR Points = RM 5.00. To qualify for ROYAL Membership Card spend RM 4,000 and above within the 1 year.
  7)   2 Years membership card cycle.
a.  TSR Points can be accumulated over the next cycle of 2 Years period from the date of SIGN-UP or RENEWAL of Membership Card.
  8)   TSR POINTS.
a.  TSR Points cannot be CONVERTED to CASH.
b.  TSR Club Members can check their accumulated TSR Points online using their TSR Club members USER ID and Password.
c.  Unused TSR Points during the 2 Years membership validity period will be FORFEITED after the membership card is expired.
d.  Pay RM 10 prior the expiry of the membership card to accumulate your TSR POINTS to the next 2 years membership cycle validity.
  9)   Automatic Membership upgrade and maintenance.
a.  For membership cards who maintain their rank or achieved the spending target as iterated above shall get an AUTOMATIC FREE Membership Renewal or upgrade to the next RANK for the next cycle of 2 years membership validity and save the RM 10.00 membership renewal fees. The balance TSR POINTS can be carried forward to the next 2 Years cycle validity.
b.  We will notify members on the automatic membership card upgrade and expiry date via EMAIL or WHATSAPP. Members shall not hold TSR Club or IRDKL Mall and all their business associates responsible for not receiving the notification.
  10)   Membership Card replacement.
a.  RM 10.00 will be imposed for replacement for lost membership cards and the balance TSR POINTS will be carried forward to the next cycle 2 years membership card validity.
b.  Kindly allow time for us to produce the renew membership card and once it is ready we will contact member to collect the renewed membership card from our CUSTOMER SERVICE counter at Level 10 in IRDKL Mall.
  11)   Disclaimer.
a.  TSR Club reserve the rights to amend any of the benefits, terms and conditions from time to time without prior notice.
b.  TSR Club or IRDKL Mall management, notwithstanding direct or indirect business or non- business network shall not be liable for any typo error or misrepresentation of information written herein.
c.  TSR Club and IRDKL Mall and their business associates shall not be responsible for any unclaimed Membership Cards or items from the IRDKL Mall Customer Service Counter after 1 month from the date of notifications. All the unclaimed items shall be deemed forfeited and members are required to email to CUSTOMER SERVICE to request for any unclaimed membership card or items. A Fees of RM 10.00 may be imposed for any unclaimed membership cards and others charges may incurred after the 1 month from the date of notification to the member. Customer Service email: tsrclub@irdklmall.com.
d.  The purpose of this TSR Membership Club is to provide a simple and value added benefits to our loyal members.
  12)   Indemnity.
e.  TSR Club, IRDKL Mall and all their business associates or panel stores shall be FREE from any form of indemnities or claims from members who join TSR membership Club and the same terms and conditions shall apply to non-members who are visiting or using our IRDKL Mall facilities.
f.  By joining or using the TSR Club or IRDKL Mall facilities the user or members are automatically bound by the terms and conditions set forth from time to time by the IRDKL Mall management or TSR Club.


Movie tickets purchased via this Website can be collected
1. By presenting the booking confirmation number for the transaction at the ticket counter or the ticket dispensing kiosk at the respective location (wherever available).
2. By printing the ticket at home and presenting the print out at the ticket tearing point to gain admission to the selected movie session. The unique barcode on the ticket can only be used once.
3. Movie tickets purchased via this Website are non-refundable and are not available for exchange, unless required by law.
4. Where allocated seating applies to a session you have the choice of choosing your own seat on the Website.
Otherwise seat allocation for movie tickets purchased via this Website is on a 'best available' basis and is carried out by a prescribed computer program. By purchasing movie tickets via this Website you agree that:

1. You will accept the seat allocated by TSR Cinemax to each ticket purchased; and
2. TSR Cinemax has made no warranties or representations to you that you will be seated in a particular seat, row or section of the relevant cinema.
3. You agree that TSR Cinemax may at its discretion, refuse to sell movie tickets to you or withdraw any movie tickets from sale via this Website.


You agree that TSR Cinemax may at any time, in its sole discretion, modify:

1. The look and feel of this Website;
2. The Website Content; or
3. These Terms of Use, with such modifications to take effect from the time that they are posted to this Website.


1. Tickets once issued cannot be cancelled, exchanged or refunded
2. Show timings are subject to change
3. Patrons below 18 years of age will not be admitted for 'A' rated movies
4. Outside food will not be allowed inside the complex
5. Smoking, drinking alcohol and chewing of pan is strictly prohibited. Intoxicated persons will not be admitted
6. The management will not be responsible for the loss or damage of any personal property
7. If show is cancelled, the responsibility of the management is limited to the face value of the ticket
8. Right of admission reserved
9. Children aged 3 years and above require a ticket to enter.
10. For enquiries, suggestions and feedback please mail at us help@tsrcinemax.com